These are some of the classes/styles we teach. Students have the option of taking ISTD examinations including Graded exams which are accredited on the National Qualifications Framework, gaining dancers UCAS points for university applications. Classes start from as little as £4!


Disco freestyle

This highly energetic form of dance is a modern, expressive and varied style that involves kicks, spins, leaps and jumps as well as many other diverse steps and movements. It includes elements of ballet, modern, jazz and gymnastics. The music can be fast and rhythmic or slow and emotive, allowing dancers of all ages to use freedom of expression to enhance their style.

Street Dance

Street dance is any style of dance that got its start out of the dance studio.

The original street styles included breaking, popping and locking. Street is now a global craze and regularly features in popular TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent.


Commercial refers to dancing performed in music videos, concerts, movies and commercials. There are many different styles included from Jazz to Hip Hop. Danced to the latest chart, pop and R&B tunes, commercial is fast becoming a very popular form of dance.

Lyrical Slow

This form of dance is characterized by fluidity and grace with the dancer flowing seamlessly from one move to another. This style stretches and strengthens the body and challenges dancers to use motion to interpret the music and express emotion.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines dance, song and acting. Musicals are usually performed in theatres and our dancers have the opportunity to perform in yearly theatre productions giving them a chance to explore this style fully.

Advanced / Technique

The most critical element in dance is technique.

It is the basis of all fundamentals of dance, from holding your body correctly whilst performing to executing skills properly in a routine. This class works on the technique required in all types of leaps, jumps, kicks and turns.

Difficulty in a routine is not necessarily measured by the level of the skill performed, but rather the proper execution of it.

An invaluable class for dancers looking to enter the industry professionally.


This class is for students looking to compete in the Freestyle, Street and Slow genres.

We attend ADFP competitions all across the country which gives the dancers an opportunity to show off their skills and be awarded with trophies and medals.

Each dancer that attends the competition class works personally with us on their own freestyle solo routine, freestyle pairs with a partner, solo slow and street routines which are tailored to suit the individual dancers style and ability.

Private Tuition

Private tuition is a one to one lesson with the student & teacher.

Emmense dancers have private tuition to improve their examination or competitive routines. It is also a great way for new students to build on their self-confidence & gain some knowledge before starting in one of our regular classes.

Children looking to audition for a dance placement at Mill Hill County High school are encouraged to book private tuition with us. We have a very high success rate for students being accepted into MHCHS.

"Train like you've never won, Perform like you've never lost"


Emmense Dance Academy is London's premiere dance academy located in North West London.

Classes start at just £4, and your are welcome to join us anytime and your first class is FREE!, so there is no reason not to come along and join us. 

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